Notes on Xeno Project 1


8 December 2015

1 General

Don’t forget about gauss reflect boost and selfgaussing for vertical boosts!

Look for potentials for changelevel delay!

2 Observations

2.1 Map w1

Getting out of the train earlier may be beneficial, can save 1-2 seconds. Though this requires fps_max 4 and will only work when the train is turning. This is because the train moves too slowly. After transitioning to the next map, the train door takes about 1 second to open, whereas if we are already outside the train, we can touch the door to proceed immediately.

2.2 Map w3

In the test chamber in map w3, there are two triggers of type trigger_once which cause the grunts to spawn. However, it is possible to push the scientists so that they stand at the spawn points. This prevents the grunt from spawning. This may not be necessary, but could be used to prevent damage.

2.3 Map w4

If decided to get the shotgun, then use bullsquid to boost up, which should probably be faster. This shotgun is probably not necessary though, as there is another shotgun at the end of this map.

2.4 Map w5

Got 2 MP5 grenades at the start.

At the cliff side, there is a big trigger_hurt which will instantly kill us if we decided to take the shorter route by jumping straight down. We must touch the second trigger_once to disable the trigger_hurt. The first trigger_once may be skipped.

See if damage boosting at the cliff side makes sense.

See if we should grab the handgrenades near the lone soldier.

2.5 Map w6

Could probably do a damage boost using MP5 grenade in the tank area since the area is vast.

Here we may grab the RPG, could be useful in the room with many monsters. Could also grab the squeak grenades, though they are far. Could probably grab the tripmines as well.

Could do object boosting to save a little bit of time. Check if we should grab some health and armour.

2.6 Map w7

Here we could grab the 375 if needed.

The turret nearby must be killed in order to open the door. This is probably due to the func_door_rotating bug again.

In the room with a lot of explosives, could probably do a damage boost or selfgauss up to the vent instead of jumping from crate to crate. Go in the room that has the gauss. If a selfgauss is to be done, there are two ways:

In the area with many monsters, we need to escort a scientist to the door. Must press both buttons. Need to kill the turrets, the alien slave above, the alien grunt as soon as possible, and a few key soldiers. Maybe we could absorb damage for the scientist, as the goal is to escort the scientist as fast as possible.

The buttons are usable from the back of the control panels.

The initial few seconds of the scientists’ speech cannot be skipped. We could try touching the trigger_once that starts the speech early on, so that when it’s time to use the scientist (after the monsters have been killed), we can use him immediately.

Keep in mind that we can gauss the monsters before the doors open. Also, not every target needs quick gauss. For example, vortigaunts can be killed without quickgauss and still using 1 ammo even while the door is closed. The same goes for grunts. Alien grunts can be killed with 2 ammo. The benefit of not using quickgauss is that it doesn’t give us too much unwanted speed boost.

Tossing an MP5 grenade towards the cell above the scientist’s cell will sometimes make the scientist run out. Not exactly known how to trigger this reliably. On the other hand, tossing a hand grenade towards the scientist nearest to the retina scanner will certainly scare him to run towards the scanner. But the time getting the hand grenade makes this option not worth it.

We have

After escorting, normally the player would touch a trigger_once. This will cause the first gate to slowly close, then undergoes a level transition, then wait for the next gate to slowly open. Fortunately, there is a trigger_changelevel that is reachable simply by jumping. After touching that trigger, the next gate should start opening almost immediately.

2.7 Map w8

The player must touch a trigger_once in the lorry closest to the big door to open the door. There are three crates inside, providing MP5 grenades, cells and 357 ammo respectively.

We should do an object boost using those crates after the big door opens. We should also delay the upcoming trigger_changelevel so that we are located in a good position to do a diagonal boost after the level transition. Probably need to do a small damage boost to get some vertical speed though, to skip over the barrier.

2.8 Map w9

Could grab crossbow at the beginning? But could be difficult if we intend to do an object boosting.

2.9 Map w11

Do a vertical boost to skip over the fence and land in front of the door. Could damage the helicopter with one quickgauss if needed. There are three pushable supply crates further away, one of which containing cells.

2.10 Map w12

Quickgauss ourselves towards the sloped pipes to get to the lift.

2.11 Map w13

Gluon is definitely useless, but could grab it just for the ammo. Not sure if long jump module is needed, but we have to escort the scientists anyway.

Talk to the black scientist before he starts talking. Then run out of the room and he will usually know how to navigate the path. The last room contains two grunts, and they must be quickgaussed as soon as possible, otherwise the scientist will stop moving.

2.12 Map w14

While in the rocket, jump or damage boost up to touch the trigger_changelevel above sooner.

2.13 Map w15

Possible to stand outside the rocket and still able to transition into the end cutscene. Specifically, stand on the edge of the rocket head. But it has to be close to the door, or the following error message will be produced and the next level will not be loaded:

Player isn't in the transition volume lm15, aborting

3 Potential damage boosts

4 Strategy for first scientist escort

QG through the vent then shotgun to break the vent. After exiting the vent, 357 to headshot the grunt below. Then 1 ammo for vortigaunt nearest to the vent. Then 1 ammo again for the vortigaunt second nearest to the vent, meanwhile strafing into the control room.

Push the two buttons as soon as possible, meanwhile killing the two grunts in it, possibly with 357 and shotgun or simply with gauss. Kill the turrets as fast as possible with whatever means, starting from those closest to the white scientist. Meanwhile, move towards the scientist, touch the trigger.

Clean the rest of the scene as fast as possible, using whatever means.