HTC Mod Notes


13 February 2017

1 General

Charging the wrench vs hitting one at a time? Charging is continuous, but hitting is discontinuous.

2 Route

2.1 hunt1

A movable box in the first room. Object boost into the vent.

When falling down from the vent, it might be possible to stand on the second level where our destination by airstrafing. The final piece that breaks off can be jumped off. There will be an invisible wall blocking us until the second level walkway is at our line of vision while we’re falling.

No movable objects found in Storage Area 2. But found a movable box beside the bodies of dead scientists, and it can be brought out of the gates. The intended route to progress from the Storage Area 2 is to bring that box all the way back to give the player a boost to access a vent. Rather than doing this, we can make use of the sloped railings near the door where we came in to do a slopejump, which might allow us to end up on the ceiling beams. Note that these beams are inaccessible by jumping on the available crates in the room. This trick might be harder with the bunnyhop cap, because a jump is required to get on the railings.

The railings have an approximate slope of 20 degrees. To reach the ceiling beams from the nearly topmost part of the railings, we need a height of approximately 120. Let \(V\) the speed we can build by strafing before executing this trick. Then from classical mechanics we have

\[h = 120 = \frac{(268 + V \sin 20^\circ)}{2g} \implies V \approx 520\]

Only 520 ups of horizontal speed is required, which is slightly below the bunnyhop cap speed.

Another way, shown in parklez’s run, is to jump from boxes to boxes.

2.2 hunt2

There are health packs in the boxes where the dead barney is.

As a reminder, the water in Xen where the first bullsquids are has healing effects. It will increase the health rapidly at very low frame rates.

There might be a way to somehow slopejump to the top, considering the low gravity. It could be possible to jump straight to the teleporter with rocks around it from the platform where the trees are, but this is probably viable only if the bunnyhop cap is absent.

2.3 hunt3

There’s a health pack in the room where we’re teleported into.

That’s a sloped ladder right there.

The first electricity encountered cannot be skipped, because the trigger size is too big. However, it is possible to rush through the trigger without dying, though this may leave us with very little health.

Not really a skip, but a tiny crack in the glass that is very hard to see allows you to shoot down the wooden latch on the door to the power generator.

There’s an MP5 grenade in the room with many zombies.

2.4 hunt4

There’s no need to press the button to wait for the lift to slowly move up. We can simply jump across the gate, grab the ladder if necessary, then jump into the lift at the bottom.

We finally got the first boosting weapon, the chain gun, in the big room, though it’s not clear if it’s worth it. Although we hear a sound when using the button from outside the control room, it doesn’t do anything.

It might be worth doing a damage boost in the big room, considering the distance from the control room to the small door at the exit is very big, about 4500 units. The walkway after the big room is also reasonably large, with a total distance of about 2000 units.

2.5 hunt5

We have access to the hand grenades now. The box beside the grenade has health pack, in case we need it.

In the black ops room, we should do a damage boost to get to the top. The distance required is 110 when standing on the barrels. Therefore, the vertical speed required is \(v = \sqrt{2g \times 110} \approx 420\). The speed boost from the damage should therefore be \(420 - 268 = 152\), which implies we need to lose \(152 / 10 \approx 16\) HP. To lose this little health, the source of explosion must be \(d\) units away such that \(100 - 2/5 d = 16 \implies d \approx 180\).

The distance from the door in the black ops room to the spot where we want to boost ourselves is about 1200 units.

One of the black ops guys drops MP5 grenades when killed. The exit door will close as soon as we touch it. This cannot be skipped despite it taking a while to close, seemingly leaving a gap at the bottom that allows us to crawl through.

It’s not immediately clear if we should trigger the door to close as soon as we enter the room, or touch it only after turning on the power. If we were to go with the latter approach, the door should automatically close by itself, then after touching the door should open.

The distance from the door in the final room to the final trigger is about 850.

3 Speed boosts

There is a mandatory vertical boost in hunt5, which will take away about 16 HP.

In all of these line segments, it may be worth boosting ourselves with the chain gun. Each round from the chain gun gives a 35 ups of speed. In total, we probably have 100 rounds. This gives a total speed boost of 3500 ups. As a first approximation, each line segment could benefit from about 800 ups of boost.

3.1 Outdated

The following is outdated.

We obtain damage boosting weapons only in hunt4 and hunt5. There are four line segments that have the potential for damage boosting. The total health may be assumed to be 100, given the health pack near the grenades in hunt5. The distances of these four segments are \(s_1 = 4500\), \(s_2 = 2000\), \(s_3 = 1200\), and \(s_4 = 850\), with approximate initial speeds \(u_1 = 450\), \(u_2 = 500\), \(u_3 = 450\), and \(u_4 = 450\). Using the optimal health distribution formula, we calculate the speed boosts \(\Delta v_1 = 639\), \(\Delta v_2 = 226\), \(\Delta v_3 = 112\), and \(\Delta v_4 = 23\). From this initial calculation, it shows it is not worth doing damage boosting in the final line segment.